Au revoir les mecs, salut moi!

It is September 29, almost one month since the last time I was with him. I should be happy that I have been strong enough to keep my promise of not calling him again. It’s not been easy, for sure. And I have been very close to give up. But I don’t want to. Anyway, as the title of this post says, I’m saying goodbye to guys, to the idea of hoping for a relationship that may never come. It is better that way. It will be good for my health too because I read that overthinking about sex and love probably kills my neurones.

In other news, just to start tracking, today, September 29, 2014, my weight is 61 kilos (134 pounds). My height, which saddly won’t increase anymore, is 1.69 meters (5 feet 6 inches). My Body Mass Index is 21.36 which according to a couple of websites, is “normal” or “ideal”. I still look too skinny, though, so I am aiming to reach 70 kilos (around 154 pounds). That means I need to gain 9 kilos or 20 pounds…. of muscle, of course! Since setting deadlines are a good way to measure the advance of a project, today I promise (ouch, that hurts) to gain those 9 kilos/20 pounds in …. six months. I know this sounds too long, but I’ve just read about a guy who started going to the gym at the age of 31 (I’m 30) and ate like a pig, and it took him 6 months to gain 30 pounds. And just to clarify, I do NOT aim to look like a sack of muscles or a Men’s Health model, just like a normal guy who doesn’t look like he’s starving.

I probably won’t make go to the gym because of financial and lazyness issues, but I do hope to notice some change in that time. Hopefully, for my 31st birthday I won’t be this skinny anymore.

Well, it’s past midnight so good night.


  1. No gastaré ni un solo centavo más en él a menos que haga algo para merecerlo.
  2. No seré yo quien lo llame, lo espere, o lo invite a mi casa. Si quiere venir, tendrá que pedirlo expresamente. No caeré en su truco de seguirme y esperar a que tenga que invitarlo para no parecer maleducado.
  3. Le sonreiré siempre que me toque verlo de frente y cara a cara. Debe darse cuenta de que soy una persona educada, madura, amable, y sin resentimientos.

Punto. Él no es “the one”.